Jeroen Heester, 1972, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam University for the Arts.
Statement: “If you can, you must."

Info.: jeroenheester [at] gmail [dot] com

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Jeroen Heester

NDSM Loods (Amsterdam)
BrabantsMuseum (Amsterdam)
W139 (performance, Amsterdam)
Maison Descartes (incl. lecture, Amsterdam)
NDSM open (invited guest artist, Amsterdam)
NDSM werf (commissioned artwork in the public space of Amsterdam)
EYE Filmmuseum (official opening Amsterdam Museum-night)
Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam
DeBalie (Amsterdam)
OHK (Amsterdam)

2018 Laetare
2017 Verspijkerd en Verzaagd
2012 Parool
2011 deArchitect (4x)
2010 deArchitect (2x)
DOMUS magazine #928
2009 Mark Magazine #22
2008 Volume #16
ArchitectenWeb (interview)

Educational activities:
2021-2024 Member board of advice Hogeschool Utrecht, masters program MUAD.
2019 Visiting professor at the AUI-university of Iceland, urbanism/landscape architecture.
2011-2014 Lecturer in City Analyses at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.
2009 Technical University Delft, graduation teacher (on request by various students.)
2004 Teacher international design program, VanHall/Velp.
2004-2014 Part time lecturer at various Academies of Architecture and at the University of Breda.